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Recreation complex in Verebiejai

The village of Verebiejai in the Alytus district has an extraordinary object in its neighborhood - the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. This close natural connection inspired to create a recreational complex in the village, which could serve as a rest house for visiting tourists and as a community house for the villagers. In an inspiring natural environment, it is possible to hold various conferences, concerts, biennales of artists.
This project is an inspiration that invites you to discover the uniqueness of each area,  and to strengthen the ties between rural and urban residents. 
Friendly symbiosis between urban-rural benefits both. For the village - rest and a closer connection with nature, for the village - education and other entertainment.
The project was carried out while studying at VDA, as a bachelor's final work,
work manager A. Burba, stud. Ieva Žvinakevičiūtė
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