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House of Light 

Light house - a small house created for the island of light, in the village of Varniškii.
A house with a moderate design is embedded in the shelter of nature, between forest meadows and marshes.
The log house with a large terrace is intended for spending time in nature, everything you need in the interior space - in 18 sq. m. compact, common space with rest, work, and kitchen areas, a bathroom, and a sleeping space built into the mezzanine. 
The style of the lodge varies somewhere between moderate modernist with a little ethnographic motifs. White-framed windows with decorative shutters remind the decor of cozy village huts. 
The dark color of the exterior of the house contrasts with the light interior. The white, bright interior gives a sense of space and cleanliness, and conveys the idea that the strongest light always comes from the inside. 
Design : Jauku-ku studio, Ieva Žvinakevičiūtė
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