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For those who dream of their own house

Architectural and interior concepts and technical projects. From the idea to the drawings.. Personal attention to each client, taking into account the wishes and conditions formed by the environment.

Creating a harmonious environment.


For those who already have their own house

We invite small, cozy, natural cabins to join the cabins-friends  community page.
For those looking to update, replace or improve their existing space.

We help with the design and identity of the cabin.


For quality cottage communication

We help plan and implement photo sessions that present the cottage and its values. For each cabin, we aim to create an individual  gallery that will appeal to its target customer. We offer different options for photo sessions.


+370 682 89800

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Let's communicate

We are waiting for your ideas, questions, shares

Working hours: Mon-Fri, 09.00-15.00

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