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200 euros voucher for the selected accommodation.


This coupon is valid for any selected night in our booking system.

A dome, a house in a tree, or a cozy little house with a jacuzzi - the holder of the coupon will be able to choose where he would like to stay.


This coupon will give you 200 euros. discount if you book your stay through our website.

We currently have 16 options to choose from, you can see them in the photos provided  and by breaking down the options list


Exclusive design coupon. Folded and tied with a ribbon, it will surely surprise everyone.

If you order a paper version, we will send it already prepared.


When you order, we will include a folding instruction for you.

You will only need scissors, a ribbon and a few thoughts and time to prepare an exclusive gift for yourself! 

Also, for those who don't want to fold, we also include the regular version of the A4 format coupon. 

MONEY COUPON - 200 eur. for a dream night

  • 200 euros Gift voucher for the selected night

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