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Gift voucher for an overnight stay in the Bird House in the Tree.


The bird house in the tree is located very close to the largest bird habitat in Lithuania - the Žuvinto reserve. The cottage is for two. More about this place you can read on our website here.


Exclusive design coupon. Folded and tied with a ribbon, it will surely surprise everyone.

If you order a paper version, we will send it already prepared.


When you order electronic, we will attach the folding instruction for you.

You will only need scissors, a ribbon and a few thoughts and time to prepare an exclusive gift for yourself!

Also, for those who don't want to fold, we also include the regular version of the A4 format coupon.

COUPON - overnight stay in the Birdhouse in the tree

  • Gift voucher for one night.
    Weekdays coupon is valid on nights from Sunday to Thursday.
    The all day coupon is valid on any selected day of the week.

    The two-night voucher is valid on any selected day of the week

    An additional fee may apply when booking a date on public holidays

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